What We Do
Lagomarsino Planning + Management (LagoPM) provides a range of planning and environmental services. The firm’s Principals, Bob Lagomarsino and Lizz Barringer Lagomarsino, together have almost 60 years of experience serving diverse clients throughout the United States. LagoPM focuses on providing authoritative and reliable advice to its clients, with an emphasis on clear, empirically-based information to support decision-making. Bob and Lizz, respectively, specialize in community planning and environmental risk management services. The list below shows LagoPM’s particular areas of expertise, all of which pivot off an understanding of the land and its associated natural resources and their ability to support development of all types.
Areas of Expertise
Environmental Risk Management
  • Environmental Due Diligence Review (Loan Origination, Workouts, Foreclosures)   
  • Liability Assessment for Real Property Transactions   
  • Contaminated Property Risk Analysis   
  • Environmental Risk Management Policy Development   
  • Owned Property Environmental Management
Community Planning
  • Urban Design/Redevelopment Planning   
  • Transportation-Land Use Coordination    
  • Comprehensive Policy Planning  
  • Community Outreach/Facilitation  
  • Environmental Planning  
  • Emergency Management Planning